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In order to ensure the authentic Chinese medicinal materials, hundreds of suppliers are selected; the origin, color, smell, etc. are strictly screened.

Natural Remedies

Can be used as a supplement to modern therapy, both at the same time; to help resolve stubborn problems that can’t be helped.

Long-term Safety

Chinese herbal medicine can be eaten for a long time without toxic and side effects. They have been recognized as safe products for thousands of years.

Welcome To TCMVET

We use traditional Chinese herbal medicines and are committed to researching and developing first-class herbal products. We believe in supporting the health and well-being of companion animals through great formulations. The raw materials of the products are all human-grade, made of 100% natural ingredients.

In China, the history of traditional Chinese medicine can be traced back to thousands of years; the origin of TCMV can be traced back to the ancient Fuxi period. At that time, during the hunting process, people would capture some live animals for breeding, and then use simple herbs to prevent and treat diseases, resulting in the first stage of TCMV.

Most of the Chinese herbal medicines from all over the world come from China; the origin, variety and compatibility of Chinese herbal medicines will affect the efficacy of the products; we come from the hometown of Chinese herbal medicines, choose the best Chinese herbal medicines, and combine the theory of Chinese medicine to provide first-class products.


Natural Pet Herbal Supplement

Natural, environmentally friendly, caring; provide top products to let pets grow up healthily! Make the life of people and pets better, and go to the world because of love!

What can we do for you?

Not only can we provide first-class herbal supplements, we are willing to share more expertise; and caring service. We also serve veterinarians.

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We provide authentic Chinese herbs

Herbal medicine refers to the plants collected on the spot to prevent and treat diseases. It is usually simple to formulate and has a very wide range, while Chinese veterinary medicine is a complex combination; the formula is perfect. The characteristics of TCMV products include: Compatibility with each other: Compatible with drugs with the same or similar properties, taste and efficacy. The drugs stimulate each other to achieve synergy and achieve the purpose of “accumulating drug power” to enhance the original drug efficacy. Opposite compatibility: drugs with opposite tastes or effects are matched to mutually restrict their biases or stimulate each other to produce a “complementary” effect. And: disperse and collect phase, combined use of cold and heat, combined attack and supplement, external and internal treatment, combined qi and blood, related viscera, mutual root of yin and yang, etc.

Focus on conditioning pet incurable diseases

Tumors in dogs and cats are common, and older pets are more likely to develop lumps, skin tumors, lipomas, and cancers; benign and malignant. And surgery is not the only solution, nor is it a complete solution; recurrence may occur even after surgery. Although modern medicine has many corresponding treatments, chemotherapy is one of them, but pets are very painful; there is no absolute means to completely cure them. And TCMV is an effective supplement to active and palliative care; TCMV is not just acupuncture and massage, it also has a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and concoction methods.


TCVM is often viewed as a complementary therapy, best used in conjunction with Western Veterinary Medicine (WVM). Both TCVM and WVM have their own strengths and weaknesses. TCVM treatment is more suitable for chronic diseases than acute diseases; for chronic diseases TCVM has great advantages. This is also the advantage of TCMVET.

All-round Comfortable

The treatment process of Chinese herbal medicine is gentler and less painful. In addition to limiting the spread of bad cells, it also improves immunity through “righting”, which has obvious help in improving physical weakness. Then through “removing evil”, the continued development and transfer of bad cells can be inhibited to varying degrees.

Comprehensive Formula

Chinese herbal medicine always pays attention to “treatment and medicine based on syndrome differentiation”, which not only considers the disease itself, but also alleviates other “complications”. Because “monarch, minister, assistant and envoy” (Juncen Zuoshi) and balance of yin and yang are the principles of Chinese herbal medicine.


Regularly update the most cutting-edge pet health management and food information, as well as special health care for elderly pets. Elderly pets are the most susceptible to illness, just like people.
Age is like a slowly aging machine; but if maintained well, its quality of life is very high.

Help cats and dogs


Lipoma, skin tumor, lymphoma, breast tumor, etc

Various tumors and cancers

Discuss together

Whether it’s a pet parent, veterinarian or other organization; you can contact us to discuss how to help your pet.

“My labrador had a huge breast tumor that came back after surgery; I don’t know what to do. Came across TCMVET by chance, I’ve been using it for a few months, and there’s been a noticeable improvement, which has shrunk; it’s barely noticeable now.”

Brenda Ballast

“After six months of use, the dog’s skin tumor has basically recovered. It has a lot of dense growths; one of them has had an operation, but new ones will grow; now I have been suppressing it with this herb.” This Herbal supplements surprised me.”


“Has been with French Bulldog, spleen tumor; undiagnosed malignant, risky surgery, after using herbal medicine for a few months, the review found it shrunk a lot. I will use it long-term to control the growth of the lump .Looking forward to the day of recovery.”

John Doe

“My puppy has a small tumor; he has recovered. It was swollen at first, and it was firm to the touch; it gradually became soft after a period of time, and it was not so firm; then it gradually shrunk.”




Multi-faceted information, research, discoveries for dogs and cats

The difference between Ayurveda and TCM.

The difference between Ayurveda and TCM.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine originating in ancient India that seeks to treat the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. It is based on the belief that health and wellbeing are determined by a balance of the three doshas, or energies, in the body. Ayurveda...

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Pets and Chinese Medicine

Pets and Chinese Medicine

Pets play an important role in Chinese medicine, where they are often used as therapy animals. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are four main categories of therapy animals: domestic animals, wild animals, insects, and reptiles. Each category has different...

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herbal formula&recipe library

We have compiled Chinese herbal formulas for animals from ancient times to the present, some from famous doctors and some from major hospitals. Share it with pet parents and veterinarians around the world; provide reference and inspiration for more veterinarians. Promote the learning of Chinese herbal medicine knowledge. Let Chinese herbal medicine bring more welfare to animals.

The content is traceable and has provenance; objective and true

In Latin scientific name, English name, Chinese; common expression

With pictures of herbs and detailed formulas, recipes

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is TCMVET?

TCMVET is a Chinese herbal medicine brand that provides authentic herbal products; it focuses on the thorny health issues of companion animals.

What are the advantages of the product?

Safe, easy to use, no risk.

Should I buy it for my dog & cat?

worth using.

Are herbal products safe?

Herbs are supplements, health products, and food; products that have been recognized as safe for thousands of years.

How soon can I receive the product?

I send UPS and DHL express from China, the arrival time is about 4-20 days.

Is this good for my dog tumor?

Yes, suitable for tumors of all sites in dogs and cats.

any question

We are fully committed to answering any questions you may have about Chinese herbal medicine for pets, cat and dog cancers, tumors, lipomas, oral tumors, breast tumors, lymphatic system and hemangiomas.



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